Marie-Laurence de Lannoy est nutritionniste à Bruxelles


Having grown up in an environment where health and nutrition have a fundamental place, I always had a particular interest in this area, more specifically in the area of the impact of nutritional sciences on welfare.

After obtaining a Master in Business Management at ICHEC, my passion for nutrition pushed me to follow the Nutrition Advisor training at CERDEN: the European Centre for research, development and education of nutrition and nutritional therapy to improve my knowledge. A graduate of CERDEN after 3 years of studies, I took the time to follow the industry professionals, and coach a significant number of people to gain experience before I started as a nutritionist.

To stay informed and continue to discover new methods, I also enrolled in the training of Nutritherapy of CFNA: the Training Center for Nutritherapy & Phytotherapy.

My approach is not focused on restrictive diets, often a source of frustration, but seeks to replace bad habits with good habits, tailored to your lifestyle and your situation. Looking to maximise your well-being in the long term so that you feel better in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

Marie-Laurence de Lannoy – Nutritionnist

Nutritherapy serves different profiles, such as:

  • Overweight people or people wishing to find a better shape
  • Pregnant women or women who wish to become pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding women
  • People suffering from acute or chronic stress
  • Healthy people who need to regain their motivation and energy
  • Elderly people
  • People with allergies or food intolerances

I remain available for any further information, feel free to contact me at +32 495 / 72.30.18.


Nutrition therapy, nutritional medicine, is based on understanding the biochemical mechanisms of the body, bioavailability, compatibility and synergy of action of micronutrients. It aims to understand how they are metabolised in every cell and how their deficiency or excess can cause physiological disorders manifested by various alarm signals.

La nutrithérapie est au service de différents profils
A la Brussels Sports Clinic, un nutritionniste peut vous accompagner


Nutrition therapy is a medical discipline to:

  • optimise the functions of the healthy person (energy, memory, fertility …)
  • to strengthen his resistance to attacks (viruses, bacteria, pollution, stress …)
  • to prolong his life in good health,
  • to prevent acute and chronic diseases, to increase the capacity of a sick person to cure or compensate for the effects of his disease.