La kinésithérapie est au centre de l'activité de la Brussels Sports Clinic

Sport physiotherapy

From diagnosis to therapeutic management to medical monitoring during preparatory training and competition

Mobilising, strengthening and proprioception exercises … The sports physiotherapy is at the centre of the Balanced Sports Clinic and in particular: rehabilitation and reathletisation of the athletes, whether professional or amateur.
The main objective of the comprehensive care for athletes after an overload injury (contracture, strain, elongation, sprains, tendonitis …) or an operation is to ensure the resumption of their activities in the best physical conditions.


Need for preventive care as part of the preparation of the performance or therapeutic to ensure recovery and care after an operation or a simple or complex injury? A health professional of our centre offers you his sports medicine expertise on simple prescription. Immediate trauma management ensures earlier healing in accordance with the surgeon’s instructions. This will effectively reduce the possible sequelae and will also lead to a faster resumption of the training and competition.

We work closely with sports doctors and orthopaedic surgeons to provide the best support for patients in the management of their disease. Our physiotherapists benefit from the latest generation equipment, use modern, scalable technology that is regularly reviewed in order to offer the athlete the best possible tools to assure performance and recovery regardless of the pathology:

  • articular
  • muscular
  • bone
La kiné sportive va du diagnostic à la prise en charge thérapeutique
La Brussels Sports Clinic est munie d'un appareil à ondes de choc

Shock wave

Our health centre is also equipped with a shock wave apparatus, particularly useful for chronic conditions like recurring tendon or bone diseases (shin splint). Here is an article that presents in detail the medical tool.