La prévention des blessures est impérative chez les sportifs


If taking care of an athlete includes mostly exercises to help him resume his activity, it is equally important to assess the “why” of certain injuries.

Practicing sport in a more or less intensive way usually leads to injuries of various degrees due to a poorly performed gesture, an unsuitable sport, an inadequate preparation …

Through our different tools, the professionals of the Balanced Sports Clinic will measure your capabilities. Knowing your weaknesses or your points of attention, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of injury. The treatment can be individual or in group regardless of the discipline. A screening early in the season can thus be achieved and can lead to an individual program. It will be adapted to each player to offer a comprehensive approach to the preparation under the supervision of a team.

The practitioners of the Balanced Sports Clinic provide prevention sessions based on two models that have proven themselves over time with athletes of all levels:

Functional Movement

The philosophy of Functional Movement was introduced in 1995. The system promotes collaboration between performance and vocational rehabilitation through the use of two tools: the Functional Movement Screen ™ (FMS) and The Selective Functional Movement Assessment ™ (SFMA). Both processes assess the movement while being separated by a clear and distinct marker: pain. If the movement produces pain, the individual would be treated by SFMA. If the pain is absent, FMS will become the appropriate tool.

The quality of movement is essential to reduce the risk of injury and achieve an optimal level of performance. Functional Movement provides a method to detect and evaluate the movement and thus provide feasible and effective measures for performance and recovery.

Functional movement favorise la collaboration entre la performance et la réadaptation sportive
Un accompagnement scientifique des athlètes avec SpartaNova


The Balanced Sports Clinic also uses SpartaNova to accompany the athletes scientifically. How? By accurately analysing the risk factors related to the sports you practice. You will follow a personalised training and our experts will generate through a screening (about 1 hour), a risk profile to eventually create a personalised training program. Objective: To minimise the risk of injury.

You have access to your risk profile and training program and can communicate directly with your expert. Each risk factor is related to an exercise designed to be achievable at home with minimal equipment. SpartaNova is an online software that offers the possibility to discover the factors of injury and thus avoid them. A bespoke screening is available both to individual athletes and to athletes doing team sports!