Profitez d'une rééducation adaptée à la Brussels Sports Clinic

Your rehabilitation until back in training

Whatever its severity, the injury is a painful ordeal that requires appropriate rehabilitation. The term rehabilitation refers to all the means that are implemented to restore the use of a limb or a function in a person.

The rehabilitation is primarily intended to cure that is to say, to restore the athlete’s state to “non-pathological”.

The patients treated in the Balanced Sports Clinic benefit from individualised monitoring in an environment dedicated to their problem until their reathletisation. Our centre is open to all athletes, amateur or professional, who need care and treatment adapted to their specific activity: football, tennis, basketball, winter sports, golf …


The rehabilitation of the athlete is not limited to medical recovery. It will bring the patient to the neuro-motor reprogramming of the sports gesture which will lead to the resumption of sports without restriction. In this way rehabilitation leads to reathletisation to resume a sporting activity under the best conditions after a musculoskeletal injury or a pre or post-surgical rehabilitation of:

  • the shoulder following an instability, a tendinitis, a capsulitis, a fracture
  • the knee after for example a cruciate ligament rupture (unfortunately a common injury in pivot sports), meniscal lesion, arthroscopy, dislocation, patellar syndrome or fracture
  • the ankle which represents about 25% of all sports injuries. Rehabilitation takes a prominent place.
  • the wrist, elbow or hand
La rééducation du sportif ne se limite pas à une récupération médicale
Mal à l'épaule, les kinés de la Brussels Sports Clinic vous soignent


Sports pathologies require a sophisticated expertise, to meet the challenges of athletes whatever their level. The team at our rehabilitation centre studies daily for several years to keep abreast of scientific advances in the treatment of athletes. The ultimate goal is to restore the patients’ autonomy and thus improve their quality of life, many health professionals are usually involved in the rehabilitation process.

The Balanced Sports Clinic has the equipment needed for all specific care for the athletes. In this context, the rehabilitation generally broadens its scope to two areas often absent in classical rehabilitation by professionals: injury prevention and reathletisation.